Hi! My name is Hauwa Ojeifo and I’m a Mind & Mental Health Coach. I am the founder of She Writes Woman, a movement of love, hope and support for women living with mental disorders. I began this journey after a double diagnoses of bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorder. A near suicide attempt and psychosis made me loose hope.

Two years later and many trials in between, I have successfully overcome depression. I am a certified coach who helps people overcome deadly emotions like depression, and finally find joy.


Just like you, I thought that my depression would never go away.  But it did.


My life is so much more than I imagined. This year alone, I have been nominated for over 4 prestigious awards and have bagged over 3 scholarships and mentorship.

I have been where you are, so I know. This tried and tested guide includes 9 key principles of overcoming depression. It will help you cultivate the right mindset to finding hope, taking control and feeling alive again.