We are fearlessly speaking truth to stigma.

At She Writes Woman, we believe that those who have experienced mental illness and other mental health and related life issues are the single most powerful instruments of change. So we are inspiring a generation of people who speak and change the misinformed narrative by giving mental health a voice in Nigeria. We are creating communities that draw strength, hope and healing from within and we are creating sustainable mental health solutions.

Here's How


In July 2016, we initiated the first privately held mental health helpline that has till date received over 600 calls. It’s not always easy to ask for help and in a world filled with stigma and not enough empathy; we understand that your immediate family and friends may not be your first point of contact, so we’re here to help. Dial to speak to our trained listeners.

Safe Place

There’s finally a safe place you can talk without fear and be heard without judgment. Started in October 2016, Safe Place has been a women-only monthly mental health support group reaching over 300 women across Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Kaduna. Every month, these women gather to unburden social, religious, With the help of Airtel Nigeria, what started as a monthly support group is now Africa’s premier walk-in life clinic called Safe Place Nigeria with a mission to solve some of the most complex life issues facing young Nigerians as a measure to prevent mental disorders.

Hope Visits

We are hope bearers and hope visits marginalized people living with ill mental health in psychiatric, teaching and general hospitals. With your help, we go bearing gifts of toiletries, lots of food, clothes, provisions and much needed conversations.

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A quick Instagram or Twitter check of hashtag #GenerationSafe will reveal over 2000 social media mentions. This was the hashtag that earned our founder, Hauwa, an MTV EMA Generation Change Award in November 2018.
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This social media movement has taken a life of its own outside of social media. To be unveiled in 2019, #GenerationSafe is a movement to create a safer world for all. Mental illness is too costly a burden to bear, so we are focused on preventative wellness in schools and workplaces. What would become of our world when children are taught mindfulness, empathy, anger management, sexual health, emotional first aid and more? How can we create mentally healthy workplaces to enable employees truly flourish?
More details coming soon. Contact us for possible partnerships and sponsorship.